Friday, July 8, 2011

Design Inspirations: shaken, not stirred

I typically like to find a design idea for rooms- not themes per say, but rather a feel that I can hold all my ideas up to and determine if they fit.

So how do you design a bedroom for a good-looking, charming, successful young man without it becoming a bachelor pad cliché?

Why, design with the always gallant, always sophisticated, shaken and never stirred, 007. (Yes, I grew up watching the movies with my dad and all I can say is- there is nothing better than a man in a suit!)
Case in point:

(picture thanks to scottmu65-click on picture for link)

It also becomes a great selling point when trying to convince your client that he must spend a chunk of money on CURTAINS! (Read proceeding post to get the curtain reference.) I mean what man doesn't want to be the sexy, suave 007?

So design standards are as such:

1.) Sophisticated but relaxed (think man in suit with tie undone and top button undone.....)

2.) Worldly.

3.) Masculine but not domineering.

4.) Powerful in a quiet way.

5.) Strong and bold in a refreshing way.

So you will have to let me know if I get even close!

Oh and Mr. Craig, I am available to design your room also.

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