Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Adventures in Fly-fishing Art......

So one of my goals for my design business this year was to do more design/build projects. Well thanks to a long time client of mine, seems I may get my chance!


What it is exactly, well, I shall only give you hints-

1.) It has to do with fly-fishing (what?!?!)

2.) Paper (my latest material obsession)

3.) and white white white (because the room is glossy black black black)


Other than, well I really have no idea how it is going to turn out!


Luckily I have a very talented artist friend Ben who I am hoping to collaborate with, have the meeting tonight over beers.
(Best to involve beers when pitching a crazy, not sure if it can be done idea to someone...... liquid courage I guess!)

Here are some inspiration pics thought I would share...........................................

Headboard created by Paul Meyer featured in the STANDARD Urban holiday issue #8.

Also the following paper sculpture by sculpture Daniele Papuli.



Also this by Swiss-born paper artist Valérie Buess......

Will keep you posted...... wish us luck!!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Steps Forward

December 26th, 2011
Ah, another Christmas down. I really never thought I would be glad it was over but it seems that I am. I am looking forward to 2012- I know it is going to be a big year for me and I am pledging to make it so!
One thing that I want to implement is my writing. I spend so much time composing in my head the articles I want to write yet I never just sit down and do it! I look and read everyone else blogs and articles and think 'I can so do that ' yet I don't.
Well this year is about action! Taking those steps and just doing something.
Steps toward building my own future and steps towards living the life of my dreams by my making.
Taking steps forward, taking steps sideways, even taking steps back and of course taking many missteps. The point is that they are steps and the culmination of all those steps will propel me in a direction. I am excited to see where that takes me!
So here's to making steps! Would love to hear what steps you are going to make....

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Drapery: more than just mere curtains

If designed right, walking into the room can instantly put one in that state of mind. R also had expressed a similar wish for his bedroom so the intent was to create a peaceful sophisticated retreat for someone who lives a very hectic life!
So when would you call bedroom curtains actually drapery? When they are 12 feet long, silk, masculine, and absolutely gorgeous!

Mr. R's master bedroom was to say the least, a challenge in scale and proportion. The overall room measured around 11' by 12'. With a narrow recessed area of only 1.25' deep next to the window. The ceiling height though was 12'! Add a massive window that was a bit more that 6' long and almost 11' high. It was one of those rooms where all you have in there is your bed, nightstands, and you use your walk in closet as an actual dressing room with all your dresser storage as well.

My philosophy for bedrooms is to create a peaceful retreat. I personally can be a pretty fierce insomniac and love my room to be a quiet sheltered area where there is no harsh light, no TV, and just a few of my favorite personal items.

After many initial sketches- it became clear that to key was going to be height. Height to balance the massive window and height to draw the eye up so that you did notice the small footprint. The niche provided a perfect place for rows of shelves going up 4 levels high. I decided that each level would be hung at varying heights in relation to each other, so as to create interest, and to also mimic the windowpane spacing. It also allows for a wide variety of objects to be displayed, like larger framed art work, books, etc. The shelves also provided an much needed architectural interest to the room and did thus did not require a lot of objects to fill them.

 I combined the 4' and 3' lengths for one level.)

Another key element was the window treatment.

It was necessary to soften the lines of the window, add visual interest through texture and pattern, and also to soften the color of the walls.

Although the blue of the walls is a warmer silver/blue, it could be overpowering on the 12' walls and I needed to counteract the 'drowning in a sea of blue' feeling you got when in the middle of the room.

(Sherwin Williams Grays Harbor SW 6236 is the Master Bedroom)

(Sherwin Williams Prairie Grass SW 7546 for the Dressing Room & Master Bath)

By adding a shimmering sliver/ivory/tan striped silk fabric from Robert Allen, I was able to tone down the intensity of the blue while also tying in the browns found in the Master Bathroom. The fabric is Paparazzi in pewter, and has a slight shimmer and just the slightest hint of blue when you hold it up to the walls. It also added an air of sophistication and masculinity without it feeling too formal.

Since the window already had the double honey-comb blinds with the top-down/bottom up option, using drapery as the main light control was not necessary, and would have been very difficult as they were so tall! The pattern I used was a tabbed pole pocket design so that the panels would hang in a more uniform way undulating in and out and complimenting the geometry of the fabric.

I also did not want them to puddle on the floor, rather just brush the floor. The intent was that they would settle back into shape if brushed aside by the house cleaner or by curious kitties. My client has two of the sweetest cats who are SUPER curious and like to walk/hide behind them, so it was important that I took all of that into consideration when designing them.

Something learned- with 12' silk drapes, give it a day or two to 'settle' as with this much fabric, it stretched a bit. The placement of the vents also caused problems as there were two outgoing vents right by each panel and would 'blow' them out from the wall. Had to re-hem them and also add more weights to the bottom.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Design Inspirations: shaken, not stirred

I typically like to find a design idea for rooms- not themes per say, but rather a feel that I can hold all my ideas up to and determine if they fit.

So how do you design a bedroom for a good-looking, charming, successful young man without it becoming a bachelor pad cliché?

Why, design with the always gallant, always sophisticated, shaken and never stirred, 007. (Yes, I grew up watching the movies with my dad and all I can say is- there is nothing better than a man in a suit!)
Case in point:

(picture thanks to scottmu65-click on picture for link)

It also becomes a great selling point when trying to convince your client that he must spend a chunk of money on CURTAINS! (Read proceeding post to get the curtain reference.) I mean what man doesn't want to be the sexy, suave 007?

So design standards are as such:

1.) Sophisticated but relaxed (think man in suit with tie undone and top button undone.....)

2.) Worldly.

3.) Masculine but not domineering.

4.) Powerful in a quiet way.

5.) Strong and bold in a refreshing way.

So you will have to let me know if I get even close!

Oh and Mr. Craig, I am available to design your room also.

Adventures in Cardboard Heads

Rope 'em Cowboy!!!

So I mentioned in a previous post about the Cardboard Safari head I was so excited to put up for Mr. R? It turned out just like I had hoped!

I love it!

That's right! Right above the door! I love how it looks against the dark paint!

(Of course Mr. R did have a bit of a 'beef' with the rope- got accused of being an OU fan!
Hehehe! I know he secretly likes it though!)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cardboard Adventures- Texas Style

So I think the first time I saw something for this site was on one of my favorite blogs Young House Love. I can't remember if it was something they used, or it was an add on the side- No matter!

Somehow, someway, I was directed to the Cardboard Safari site, and it was love at first site! (yeah yeah bad pun!!)

Many of you know that I love design with a bit of humor (I try very hard to not take myself or life to seriously you know) and the Texas Longhorn head was perfect for a project I am currently working on for Mr. R.! I had to have it! (Picture from Cardboard Safari site- I love the wall it is on!)

After much debate I decided that although a LARGE head would be awesome, it just might be a bit domineering in the tiny bathroom I want to install it in. So I decided on the medium size head.

So picture this, you are in the bathroom, sitting there doing your thing, and up you look, above the door and low-and-behold! A longhorn head!!!!

With a lasso around its neck that leads to a framed lasso on the wall???

Come on! How cool is that? Really!!!

Admit it- you would laugh!!! Which is the whole point of the great bathroom design for that room.

So after driving everyone nuts because I kept asking if the Longhorn head had arrived, (according to the USPS tracking it was to be delivered Wednesday and hadn't yet) I had to finally go to work and wait till today.

I even braved a pretty intense thunderstorm that was right overhead to dash out to the mailbox and see if it had arrived- and there he was! So I of course immediately opened it up!!!!

It even has its own official stamp of approval!

I did not have patience to take pictures of the process- so you will just have to imaging frantic giggling as I popped out all the pieces and put that baby together! It was simple- and I now have to get one for myself. And maybe all my friends........

SOOO! Drum roll please....................................

I proudly present, for the first time appearing here at MC designs, is Mr. Tex Jr.!!!!!

I love him!!!!

Now, if you look closely- you see dark burned spots from the laser cutter. I debated about turning the pieces around so you don't see it- but decided that actually, considering it IS a longhorn head from Texas, the scorched edges gave it authenticity. Don't you think?

I am also going to add to the tag the University of Texas logo as that is where Mr R. went to grad school. (Hence why it made it into the room design.)

Anyway- soon I will finish the bathroom and take millions of pics to show you the final results!

(btw- the iron man medal is NOT mine, I just stuck Tex on the pile of frames and stuff that is going to get hung in the room. The medal belongs to R.)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Cheap Art Alert!!!

Many of you know part of my 'job' is spent scouting places and sites, and when I come across projects or opportunities I love to pass them on to those who might be interested. One big project I am involved in is finding art- and this was a site I ran across a while ago and have been impressed with some of the work and of course the prices!

It is the site 20x200, and basically you can get some nifty art prints for around $20!

Go click on the picture below to take you there.

Of course they are having a sale- woo hoo!!! Saving money is ALWAYS good!!

There are a couple other sites that are doing a similar 'service'/ aka trying to promote artist and provide us regular folk with an opportunity to get some art of our own up! ("gettin' cultured" as my Papa says). If you would like me to send you the links for the other sites just gimme me a holla!
(The nice thing about these sites is they will sell art to ANYONE- even those who use phrases like 'gimme a holla!')
Have fun perusing through some art! Would love to know if you get anything! Also feel free to pass this along to anyone else you know that might be interested.
Always on the hunt!!!
PS- check out the 'how to frame your art' video- they get their frames from West Elm but they are just the same as the Wood Gallery from Pottery Barn which is what I use. I will also share with you later the prints I ordered myself as soon as they get here! Can't wait!!!