Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cardboard Adventures- Texas Style

So I think the first time I saw something for this site was on one of my favorite blogs Young House Love. I can't remember if it was something they used, or it was an add on the side- No matter!

Somehow, someway, I was directed to the Cardboard Safari site, and it was love at first site! (yeah yeah bad pun!!)

Many of you know that I love design with a bit of humor (I try very hard to not take myself or life to seriously you know) and the Texas Longhorn head was perfect for a project I am currently working on for Mr. R.! I had to have it! (Picture from Cardboard Safari site- I love the wall it is on!)

After much debate I decided that although a LARGE head would be awesome, it just might be a bit domineering in the tiny bathroom I want to install it in. So I decided on the medium size head.

So picture this, you are in the bathroom, sitting there doing your thing, and up you look, above the door and low-and-behold! A longhorn head!!!!

With a lasso around its neck that leads to a framed lasso on the wall???

Come on! How cool is that? Really!!!

Admit it- you would laugh!!! Which is the whole point of the great bathroom design for that room.

So after driving everyone nuts because I kept asking if the Longhorn head had arrived, (according to the USPS tracking it was to be delivered Wednesday and hadn't yet) I had to finally go to work and wait till today.

I even braved a pretty intense thunderstorm that was right overhead to dash out to the mailbox and see if it had arrived- and there he was! So I of course immediately opened it up!!!!

It even has its own official stamp of approval!

I did not have patience to take pictures of the process- so you will just have to imaging frantic giggling as I popped out all the pieces and put that baby together! It was simple- and I now have to get one for myself. And maybe all my friends........

SOOO! Drum roll please....................................

I proudly present, for the first time appearing here at MC designs, is Mr. Tex Jr.!!!!!

I love him!!!!

Now, if you look closely- you see dark burned spots from the laser cutter. I debated about turning the pieces around so you don't see it- but decided that actually, considering it IS a longhorn head from Texas, the scorched edges gave it authenticity. Don't you think?

I am also going to add to the tag the University of Texas logo as that is where Mr R. went to grad school. (Hence why it made it into the room design.)

Anyway- soon I will finish the bathroom and take millions of pics to show you the final results!

(btw- the iron man medal is NOT mine, I just stuck Tex on the pile of frames and stuff that is going to get hung in the room. The medal belongs to R.)

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